Sygma Activity


Sygma manages activities by using a Ticket System in which you can insert the details and times of operation.
These information can be later used to report the activities.

Create an Activity with just one click!

Creating an Activity takes a few second.

You can choose between an immediate Intervention or a planned Activity.

Each Activity is associated with a company (Customer).

You can choose to which Area assign the Activity in order to better organise your work and have the areas of intervention under control.

Sygma ticket list
Sygma ticket list

Complete Information

Once the Activity has been quickly created, you can complete the tab with the list of the activities performed, intervention length and type of intervention (by Phone, Remote, On Site, On Center)

Details, archive and quick Research

Research and consult activities and interventions

Sygma ticket list

Activities and Interventions

Each Activity is assigned with an ID Ticket to univocally identify each activity.

An Activity may be formed by a single intervention or several interventions.

Automatic Calculation of the Working Time

Sygma automatically calculates the sum of all the working times of the different interventions of the Activity. The main tab of the Activity will report the sum of the working times.

Intervention Hours on Operator basis

Every intervention is assigned to a single operator. The sum of the working times of each operator is calculated in reports, so that Sygma can calculate the timesheet for every operator.

Contracts e Services

Activities can be assigned to specific contracts and services, so service SLAs and costs can be determined quickly.


An Activity can be assigned with an Item of every kind. In this manner, each intervention can be associated with an hardware or software system.

Ticket Email

Multi-queue Email Ticket System