Sygma Platform Defined IT Work

Why did we develop Sygma?

Sygma was born to make your job more efficient.

Efficiency hides in many little details. An abacus would be enough to make mathematical operations, but, as of today, would you use it instead of a calculator?

Having worked as System Integrator for years, we have a deep knowledge of daily activities to offer support and technical assistance to clients and we know, among these activities, which ones can be optimized.

Being efficient is the secret for success, save money and increment profit gains.

With Sygma, we want to give everyone the opportunity of making their own IT job better: easier, more efficient and more profitable.


Sygma specifically aims to the IT channel and to those who work tightly with technical IT supports.

The Cloud solution that lets you organize, manage, speed up and track your activities. With Sygma you can improve efficiency, save time and provide a better service. Its Cloud integration offers you unlimited opportunities and simplifies your work!

Sygma gives you all the features your business needs allowing you to replace software and systems that don’t integrate together and are obsolete or awkward to use.

You won’t need no more Excel files to store IP addresses, find passwords or remember the expiring of a licence. Bid farewell to file archives where you store documentation, procedures, projects, photos, network schemes, lists and other information.