Sygma Platform Defined IT Work

Who is Sygma addressed to?

Sygma, specifically aims, to the IT sector and to those who work close with IT technical support

Sygma was born from the experience on field and, before answering to the client's needs, it answered our own needs as IT operators.
Our history inside IT has brought us to develop with time solutions that could allow us to make our work better, both the internal one and our clients'.

The first development phases -more than 10 years ago!- were aimed to the web tracking of support activities. Today this system is called Ticket System. It is fundamental to us to have an archive of the interventions performed, web consultable, by both the technical and the commercial staff of the company. Moreover, we believe it's equally important to offer our clients the opportunity to visualize how and how much our time is spent, because the more transparency you offer, the more trust you gain from the client.

Those were the early 2000s and, accustomed to traditional paper reports, very few IT companies would use a similar system. Knowing how many and which activities have been performed by a certain technician or for a certain client, allowed us to better handle work loads, and, at the same time, it gave us the opportunity to forecast how our efforts would evolve and, therefore, our sales volume.

As years passed by, we kept on with the development of web based applications, useful with the cataloging of data related to the infrastructure managed on the clients' behalf... Sharing Excel spreadsheets to look for IP addresses and passwords was an incredible waste of time, and it often happened that everybody would have a different version of the same file with information not update anymore.
Thus Sygma was born...

Sygma is the perfect tool for IT Consultants, System Integrators e Managed Service Provider as it allows to manage, with a single console, every aspect of a multitude of clients. At the same time, Sygma is recommended also for the IT departments of the companies. Indeed, the needs of a Technical Department are almost identical to the ones of a System Integrator or and MSP, except for the fact that the latter have a single client, that is, the company they work for.

Technicians, commercials, administrators, IT responsibles, owners and end users: Sygma is the tool that makes your job more efficient!