Software release

The evolution history of the Sygma Management software....

2017/06/06 Sygma version 2.8

User Interface
* Graphical and usage improvements

* Associate Items between them
* Visualize info about the associated agent

+ An Agent can now create and associate Item

* Group Customers by tags

Mail Cloud
* Delete Kerio Connect mailboxes and accounts
* Delete SmarterMail mailboxes and accounts

Customer Portal
* Manage Kerio Connect and Smartermail mailboxes
* Manage DNS Zones
* Manage SMTP mailboxes
* Manage MailArchive instances

+ Customer management added
+ Item management added
+ Password management added
+ Document management added
+ Queue filter added in the Ticket section
+ Tickets deletion capability added

* When deploying a Linux machine, create default user credentials
* Edit Inbound and Outbound rules of the shared firewall in Stellar machines
* Visualize the state of VMs backups
* Visualize VMs backup schedule
* VMs backup test capability added

2017/01/10 Sygma versione 2.7

+ "Sales Area" added. Here you can control orders and resources related to Cloud services
+ "Order Association" feature added. Now you can associate email domains to orders
+ "Autonomous Trial Management" feature added
+ "Knowledge Base" section added

User Interface
* Improvements to graphics and user experience
+ Commercial activities area added
+ Cloud orders page added
+ Cloud resources usage page added

Mail Cloud
* Associate email domain to Cloud orders
* Autonomously create trial Cloud orders
* DNS configuration section with DKIM and SPF parameters

* Quick access to customers information
* Modify the state of differents orders at the same time
* Note editing feature added

* Creation data and latest modification shown on interventions

Mail Archive
* New dashboard

2016/12/13 Sygma version 2.6

* Sygma used resources page
* Purchased and utilized Cloud resources page
* Cloud orders page
* Link Cloud services to clients capability

+ New password management section
* Link passwords directly to customers
* Block password modification to admin users only
* Identification of the person who created the data with passwords
* Dropbox integration with attached documents management

* Delete attachments capability
+ ”MY TICKET” filter added to show only your own tickets

+ New section for SMTP mailboxes management
* List and visualization of SMTP mailboxes
* Modification of SMTP mailboxes feature

SSL Certificates
+ New SSL management session
* List and Viewing SSL Certificates

Amazon AWS EC2
* Integrate with AWS EC2 instances
* List and visualization of EC2 instances
* Start and stop EC2 instances

Amazon AWS S3
* Integrate with AWS S3 buckets
* Create new folders
* Upload files
* Download files

Google Drive
* Integrate with Google Drive
* Create new folders
* Upload files
* Download files

* Manage aliases of Kerio Connect domains
* Create POP3 mailboxes in Kerio Connect domains

+ New DNS management section
* DNS Zones list and visualization
* DNS Zones modification feature

Cloud MailArchive
+ New MailArchive management section
* MailArchive instances list and visualization

App Sygma
* Push notifications for new tickets creation and clients’ replies
+ Stellar machines management section added
+ 1Backup agents management section added

2016/09/20 Sygma version 2.5

* Graphics improvements
+ New dedicated interface for Cloud services management

* Template management improvement
* Types management improvement

+ Added the title to the activity

Cloud Section Email Management
+ New interface for the management of mail in the cloud
+ Summary dashboard
+ Ability to create domains and mailboxes Kerio Connect
+ Ability to edit boxes and domains Kerio Connect
+ Ability to create domains and Smartermail boxes
+ Ability to edit boxes and Smartermail domains

+ New Integration with Onedrive

* Improvement of the machines management

* Improvement of the graphic interface
+ Ability to create backup sets
+ Backup sets related to mysql database management
+ Ability to modify backup sets
+ Ability to delete backup sets
+ Added filters low / exhausted space and expired / expiring agents in agent search
+ Association dashboard alert to the detail page for space is low / exhausted and expired / expiring agents
+ Ability to enable / disable agent and change its deadline
+ Elimination backupset already eliminated but remained listed as historic

2016/08/01 App Sygma 1.2.1

Ticket Management
+ You can reply to support requests of your customers directly by the App while you are out of the office and have your own phone or tablet

Backup Monitoring
+ You can keep under control at all times the progress of backup, add notes, and, once verified, set the flag of checked

2016/07/18 Sygma version 2.4

+ password retrieval feature added
+ service templated feature added
+ expiry dates reports improved

+ link several domains to a client
+ link several email addresses to a contact
+ clients can now visualize their own tickets
+ clients can create tickets within the client portal

+ enable a ticket creation notification to the client
+ enable a ticket closure notification to the client
+ automated saving as drafts of ticket replies
+ create and reply to a ticket inserting multiple attachments
+ associate several tickets to a single activity
+ automatically assign a status to a ticket as the client replies
+ export the ticket list
+ move a ticket from a queue to another
+ ticket management interface improved
+ ticket configuration section improved

+ new section uniquely dedicated to expiry dates

+ export separately Activities and Interventions
+ tab with Timeline in agent section added
+ tab with last 15 days job check records in agent section added
* Imodify Lan password in Backupset settings (agent section, Backupset tab)
+ add/remove/modify 'Contact Info' voice (agent section, tab General)

+ tab in ifo page and VM commands with dates per trial/licensed period added (tab Info)
+ Network info tab in Resources page added
+ Expiry Dates info tab in Resources page added

Agent Windows
+ agent credential creation section added (Public/Private key)
+ run script files feature added
+ Agent version info added
+ last Windows logon info added
+ IP address info retrieval and addition in list feature added
+ gateway and DNS info retrieval feature added
+ download the agent from the side menu
+ delete Agent feature added
+ visualize Agent details in a tab within the list instead in a new page
+ run a scheduled command or script (associate it to several agents at the same time)
+ automated update of all agent modules
+ automated update of the conf file while maintaining the saved settings
+ Bugfix - install Agents on 32-bit systems too

+ Integration with DropBox

2016/05/06 Sygma version 2.3

+ Multi-queue management (several email accounts)
+ Creation of tickets states in addition to default ones
+ Tickets assignment alerts
+ New incoming email alerts
+ Let clients to review their tickets history with a special link (no need to login)
+ Customizable new ticket email alerts and ticket replies templates

Expiry dates management
+ New section solely dedicated to Expiry Dates management
+ Choose whether to renew or not an Expiry Date with a click directly from the page
+ Choose whether to renew or not an Expiry Date with a click directly from the report email
+ Send your clients Expiry Date reports and let them decide whether to renew or not an Expiry Date

* New dashboard
* Single backupset space is now specified
+ Used storage graph (per single user)
+ Number of backed up data graph (per single user)
+ Backup start option
* Backup Verification and Check system to ease backup management now implemented
+ Web restore capability added
+ Backupset deletion added

* New dashboard
+ Estimate of total Teamviewer sessions

* New dashboard
* Revised graphics
+ Autonomous management of CPU, RAM and Disk resources per single server
+ Console access to servers
+ Audit of all operations performed via console
+ Automated snapshots feature added
+ Information about available snapshots added to the dashboard
+ Resource section added

2016/02/10 Sygma version 2.2

Sygma Core
+ Import Item from CSV file
+ Schedule Expiry Dates reports sendings
+ Sending feedback option added

Clients portal
+ Item, documents and contracts can now be shared with the client

+ Backup set management
+ CSV export of agent lists
+ CSV export of job outcomes

+ Comments visualization added
+ Option to force connections synchronization
* Connections filter enhanced

Documents management
* New interface

2015/12/15 Sygma version 2.1

Sygma Core
+ Import client lists from a CSV file

+ Login tracking and notification via email
+ Data adding and modification is now tracked

+ Integration with Teamviewer
+ Integration with Kayako

Clients portal
+ Email notification if a client creates an activity

2015/09/18 Sygma version 2

Sygma Core
* Web restyling for Mobile compatibility
+ Encrypted Password Management added

* Improved research system

Activity / Ticket
* Improved ticket navigation
* Tab system implemented

+ Integration with Cloud Stellar added
+ Integration with Teamviewer added

* Improved documents management
* Improved folders management and navigation

+ Beta Sygma Monitoring App for Apple IOS devices
+ Beta Sygma Monitoring App for Android devices
+ Beta Sygma Monitoring App for Windows devices
+ Beta Sygma Monitoring App for Linux devices

2014/06/23 Sygma version 1.7

Sygma Core
* Improved performances
* Various Bug fixed

+ Full text research implemented

Activity / Ticket
+ Ticket Management becomes Activity
* Multiple interventions Tickets improved

+ Documents Management added
+ Documents creation feature added

+ Service management added
* Deadlines management

+ 1Backup integration added
+ Teamviewer integration added
+ VMware integration added

2013/02/30 Sygma version 1.3

Sygma Core
* Improved performances
* Various Bugs fixed

* Customers management upgraded

+ Template management added
* Various Bugs fixed

* Item management upgraded
* Various Bugs fixed

+ Work Time field added
+ SLA added
* Various Bugs fixed

+ Kerio Connect integration added
+ Kerio Control integration added
+ Kerio Operator integration added

+ Encrypted password management added

2012/11/07 Sygma version 1

Sygma Core
+ Multi-level platform added
* Complete re-engineered Database
* Improved performances
* Various Bugs fixed

* Web Restyling

* Clients management upgraded
* Various Bugs fixed

* Item management upgraded
* Various Bugs fixed

2008/06/10 Help Desk v3

+ Integration with Help Desk v2 and Asset and Network Manager

2007/12/03 Asset and Network Manager

+ First version of the adding of the IT assets divide per client
+ Network, networking devices and firewall management

2005/03/21 Help Desk v2

* New revised version with client access to ticket report
* Improved reporting

2003/10/28 Help Desk v1

+ First version of the ticket tracking system