Software release

The evolution history of the Sygma Management software....

2021/09/16 Sygma version 5.1

+ Added password management integrated in servers
+ Added more explanatory messages after performing some actions on Stellar machines
+ Added in dashboard reports on machines turned on and off
+ Added in dashboard reports on Windows and Linux machines
* Renewed graphics of the available resources and inserted directly into the dashboard
+ Added alerts in dashboard on: RAM, CPU, disk and snapshot
* Improved dashbaord performance
* Fix on removing snapshot
* Fix on removing the disk
+ Added alerts for exceeding purchased resources

+ Added domain search in the global search bar

Cloud Mail
* Improved speed of opening mail domain creation form

Cloud SSL
+ Added more info in the certificate list

* Fix on side menu management

* Graphic review of the active job list
* Graphic revision of the restore job list
* Job Timeline exits beta (old management removed)
* Enlarged input fields for backup sources in schedules

+ Added the ability to insert attachments in the feedback form

2021/07/09 Sygma version 5.0

+ Added text search in the machine operations tab
* Improved efficiency and security in the management of data exchange of the system
+ Added error feedback if attempting to remotely access a machine that is turned off
* Fix on removing a disk with snapshot presence
* Fixed the management of a reference contact of the machine

+ New retractable side menu, which can be opened by clicking on the button at the top right, which contains all the menu items that were previously in the header
* Each section now has its own context menu. (eg clicking on stellar only the relative menu will be loaded)
+ New generic search bar from which you can search for all the resources included in 1Stack
* Menu items searchable via new generic search bar
* Search by name and ip with consequent detailed opening of all Stellar VMs directly from the generic search bar
* Search by name with consequent detailed opening of all 1Backup agents directly from the generic search bar
* Search by name with consequent detailed opening of all SSL certificates directly from the generic search bar
* Search by name with consequent detailed opening of all DNS zones directly from the generic search bar
* Search by name with consequent detailed opening of all Kerio or SmarterMail mail domains directly from the generic search bar
* Search by name with consequent detailed opening of all Hosting services directly from the generic search bar
* Search by name with consequent detailed opening of all SMTP instances directly from the generic search bar
* Search by name with consequent detailed opening of all Buckets directly from the generic search bar
* Search by name / email with consequent detailed opening of all users of the Sygma / 1Stack platform directly from the generic search bar
* Search for any previously tagged resource by tag directly from the generic search bar +
+ The creation of new resources is now contextual to every
menu + New Users menu separate from the rest of the settings
+ Generic Feedback key moved to top right

+ Completely autonomous management of domains added (order, creation and release)

+ Added possibility to force, within your account, user access via OTP (option available only for the main user)

2021/05/20 Sygma version 4.16

+ Added log management of actions performed on tickets

* The new SSL section is available, which allows you to manage your own certificates in total autonomy, from the creation order to the release

* Integrated backup restore check management in the new backup job check interface (accessible with a specific filter)

* The Report section in the Sales management (macro menu at the top with dollar icon) is now accessible from the Activity section
* The Calendar section (top menu inside the Tips macro section) is now accessible from the Activity
section * The Monthly Activities and Operator menu items of the Report section have been merged into a single management accessible from the Activity
section * The Calendar section has undergone some graphic improvements
* Graphic and efficiency improvements have been made to the Contract
* The top menu items Contract and BlockHour of the Sales macro section have been moved to the Company
* The DeadLine menu item of the Sales section macro has been moved to the Item
Remote Management
* The sections relating to remote management have been moved from the top menu with puzzle icon to dedicated menu at the top within the Tips macro section

* The ability to send a calendar invitation via email to the operators included in the event and to specific email addresses has been added to the creation of a new event.
* Various fixes

2021/03/22 Sygma version 4.15

* Improved general graphics of the
section * Improved general efficiency of the
section + Added ability to add an inbound firewall rule to the machine (max 5.)
+ Added ability to delete an inbound firewall rule
+ Added ability to specify translated port in inbound rules
+ Updated graphics in snapshot schedule creation modal
* Miscellaneous fixes and improvements

Bucket S3
* Ability to independently create a new order

* Insertion of attachments in chronological order together with the interventions
- Removal confirms closing Activity
+ Entering the interventions identification (both in the interventions list page and in the interventions list of the single Activity)
-Elimination of internal tabs related to notes and attachments

* New socket management of presence in the ticket list
* Ticket list sorting by customer SLA

* Ability to independently create a new instance
* Ability to independently create a new order

2021/01/13 Sygma version 4.14

Stellar (new section)
* Various security fixes
+ Added ability to manage comments
+ Added possibility to modify the customer
+ Added ability to change the alias of a machine
+ Added new English to Italian translations
* Improved GUI of the security tab
- Removed VMWare tools
view * Graphic reinterpretation of the new Stellar
GUI + Added display of public and private IPs
* Improved display of machine contacts
+ Added VLAN display
* Improved loading of machine screenshot
+ Ability to view machine audit
+ Tabular view of Stellar machine backups
+ View the machine network detail
+ Real-time display of RAM and CPU usage
* New remote console management
* New command management in the remote console
+ Added ability to change RAM
+ Added ability to modify CPU
* Improved error feedback when editing a
server + Added loading feedback
+ Added visualization of physical disks and OS
* Improved management of commands
- Removed unused commands

+ Added branch office to intervention
list + Added branch office in export
+ Added new English to Italian translations
* List automatically sorted by logged in operator
* List automatically sorted by date
* Automatically filtered list for the last two weeks
+ Added rangeDate filter to the 'New From SygmaConnect' section inside an activity
+ Added notes between interventions within an activity, in chronological order
* Fix prioritizing the creation of a
activity * Fix on notification of an activity for those who do not have sufficient permissions in the Customer
Sygma Connect
+ Added ability to download client from GUI
* Aligned TeamViewer section filters
* Aligned session list to TeamViewer
section + New PAM mode feature added
+ Add additional conditions to event monitoring alerts
* Fix on monitoring alerts via Telegram

SygmaConnect console, 1Backup, Stellar
+ Added ability to manage users in consoles
- Removed unused features
* Improved structure and performance
+ Ability to delete a user in consoles
* Improved display of your user in the console

* Fix on downloading files

Cloud Mail
* Fix display of section

1Backup Console
+ Added ability to manage users

- Removal of GoogleDrive and AmazonS3 integration for attachments
* Fix customer display

* Fix on changing general information

Customer Portal
+ New remote console management

* Fix with own user management

2020/10/27 Sygma version 4.13

Bucket S3
+ New cloud section for the creation and management of Bucket S3

* Improved management of
tags + Added new tab for association view for Sygma Connect

Stellar (nuova sezione)
+ Added ability to copy IP to Stellar
list * Fixed problem with missing IP in the
list + New English to Italian translations added
* Improved management of security reports
+ Added ability to launch a security scan
+ The possibility to check the
status has been added in the scan detail * Ability to add and remove tags in the detail of a Stellar Server
+ Added filter by tag in the
list * Improved responsive graphics of Stellar
* Fixed graphical problems in the general information of a
machine * Improved GUI management on resources
+ Added machine preview screen
* Improved tab management in detail
* Synchronism fix
+ Added ability to launch commands from the new GUI
* Improved error feedback

* Fix on company name display after client card deletion
* Fix on ticket preview on mouse over list
* Improved management of ticket cancellation from the trash
+ Added customer filter on SLA export
* Fix on ticket duplication

* Improved Tag Management in Activity
+ Added possibility to set a default template between configurations Ticket to use it automatically when sending Activity reports via Ticket (useful for example for customer satisfaction surveys. See the video

Sygma Connect
* Peer graphics aligned to Sygma
structure + Added new tag management in SygmaConnect Peer
* Graphics fixes
* Improved management of uploads of the
SygmaConnect Console
+ Added ability to manage users

Stellar Console
+ Added ability to manage users

1Backup Console
+ Added ability to manage users

* Improved compatibility with Firefox browser
+ Added new tooltips for creating lists
* Improved handling of CTRL + F
* Moved storage management to Document
* Improved handling of uploads

* Graphics fixes in the new box
* Improved dropdown management
* Improved tag search functionality
* Improved handling with zero tags
* Improved response feedback
+ New translations added

* Graphic improvements on the Ticket section for the Dark Theme (beta)
* Various translations

2020/09/10 Sygma version 4.12

* Improved tag management
* Fix on incorrect operator signature display when submitting a ticket
* Fix on quick reply feature
+ Added new operator collision detection function (beta)
+ Added possibility to make a single ticket visible even to an operator who does not belong to the queue assigned to the ticket
+ Added possibility to send an email instead of generating a report for the export of the SLA
* Fix on whole month selection when generating reports for SLA export

* Improved tag management
+ Added new tab for association view for Sygma Connect

* Improved tag management
* The section is now easier to reach from the main menu at the top
* Improved section loading feedback
* Improved error feedback. * Fix on editing a document after sharing it
+ Added ability to share a folder (to another authenticated Sygma operator)
* Management of diversified URLs during navigation between folders and documents
* Fix on display path of a newly shared file
* Fix on "Enter" key management
* Fix on "F2" key management
* Improved link list graphics
* Set default document version to "0.1"

Document List
+ Added new section for grouping documents in lists (eg: "ISO Documents"), accessible from the left sidebar of the Document section

* Graphics fixes in the new section
* Fix on date management in the new section
* Graphics fixes for tabs in the new section
* Improved machine list performance in the new section
+ Added new "Security" tab in the new section: now you can access the list of open ports and any "CVE" vulnerabilities by scanning the server's public IPs. The section is still in beta and new features will be added in the next Sygma releases

* Graphics fixes

+ Added notification deadline

* Fix on notes handling in Customer
* Improved tag management

+ New graphics for the connection list
* Improved performance of the connection list
* Improved management of connection list filters
+ Quick search added to connection list filters
+ New graphics for the device list
* Improved device list performance
+ Added filter by ID in the device list
+ Added filter by name in the device list
+ Added filter by group in the device list

Cloud Email
* Improved tag management

Sygma Connect
+ Added alert on probe in error for remote monitoring of resources
* Improved management of synchronization of dates of sessions performed
* Improved tag management

* Various translations
+ Added ability to set the Dark Theme (beta)

2020/06/30 Sygma version 4.11

+ Quick response function added
* Fix on error message for too large attachments
* Tracking mail opening - blue tick
* Improved management for the attachment download function and modification buttons to view / download attachment

* Improved performance
+ Added possibility to insert links in documents
+ Added ability to embed vimeo \ youtube videos into documents
+ Added possibility to insert type of document
* Fix on document title display
+ Added some information popups on the fields
* Fix on CTRL + V function
* Improved uploading of filea
+ Added filter by type of document

* Improved performance
+ Added possibility to insert links in documents
+ Added ability to embed vimeo \ youtube video into documents
+ Added possibility to insert type of document
* Fix on document title display
+ Added some information popups on the fields
* Fix on CTRL + V function
* Improved uploading of filea
+ Added filter by type of document

Stellar New
* Start implementing new section
* Improve performance and efficiency
* New graphics
* Tab machine detail (Partial, first preview functions available)
* improved management of permits
+ Quick filters in the list
+ Exporting servers to CSV
+ Added IP in the server list
+ Popup with IP list in the server list

* Fixed bug on display of your user
* Improve your performance
* Various new translations
* Fix on signature modification
+ Fix on change of role

* Fixed encoding of the email in the customer list

* Fixed display of some images

* Fix forced password reset
* Improved security management
* Improved performance
* Improved security management in password reset

* Fixed default view of admin panel
* Fixed general setting display for users (not admin)
+ Start translations

Sygma Connect
+ Added ability to set multiple notifications for resource monitoring alarms
+ Added possibility to set notifications via Telegram for resource monitoring alarms
+ Added ability to set direct email notifications for resource monitoring alarms
+ Added ability to set ticket notifications for resource monitoring alarms

* Various translations
+ Added Telegram integration for notification management

2020/05/08 Sygma version 4.10

+Added filter for Status on the reporting page

*Graphics modified in detail of the document
*Improved document closing process
*Improved performance when loading the document
+Added information on document creator
+Added filter for document creator
+Added information on document creation date
+Added information on the date of last modification of the document
*Improved loading process of linked documents
*Improved error handling during document association
*Improved management of the document version
*Improved opening of the document for reading
+Insert more user friendly icons in the document detail tabs
+Translation of missing texts
+Added download button for document content
+Added more description tooltips
*Fix various
*Improved performance and efficiency of the entire section
*New graphics
*Tab-managed user detail
*Moved button to create new user in the "New" panel on the left
+New translations
*Improved permission management
+Added ability to force password reset to a user
*Ability to send mail when creating a user
*Highlighted display of your list user
+Added user creation date in detail
+Added user last modification date in detail
+Added indication in the list and in detail on the MainUser
+Added restriction on admin user to modify own permissions
+Added text filter
+Added filter by type
+Added filter for enabled / disabled users
+Added sorting by name
+Added sorting by email
+Added sorting by date
+Quick filters added
+ Added possibility to download the ICS of an associated event directly from the activity
*Improved WhiteLabel performance

*Improved performance
+New translations
*Fixed default view of admin panel
*Fixed general setting display for users (not admin)
+Start translations
+Added forced password change on the first login of a Sygma
user +Added forced password change when a user first logs in to the Sygma
Customer Portal *Improved OTP enable / disable management
Email Cloud
*Improved visibility management of the password in pop3 Kerio
+Added possibility to download the ICS of an event directly from the calendar
+Added possibility to download the ICS of an event directly from the
+Added ability to download the ICS of a task intervention
+Added security checks for entered passwords
+Added password suggestion feature
+Added ability to show entered passwords

2020/04/10 Sygma version 4.9

*Improved graphic user experience for company selection
*Improved graphic user experience for ticket queue selection
*Improved graphic user experience for area selection
*Improved graphic user experience for detail area selection
*Improved graphic user experience for ticket contact selection
*Improved graphic user experience for priority selection
*Improved graphic user experience for state selection
*Improved section performance

*Improved section graphic user experience
*Feedback when the document loads
*Improved document upload
+Adding tags in your document
+Added tag filter
*Filtering by text in your document
*Document detail: creation date, etc.
*Private link of document
*Ability to add document type
+Added filter by document type
*Ability to specify document version
*Ability to attach a document to another document
*Passed all document logic to API
*Improved document sharing graphic user experience
+Add shortcut CTRL+V
+Add shortcut CTRL+Z
+Add shortcut CTRL+F

+Add event list to exported task file
*Ability to also export notes to exported task files
*Ability to also export info about invoicing intervention in exported file interventions
*In template report Activity inserted legend with possible variables that can be used for automatic compilation

*Associating an item with a password
+Added upload feedback in item
+Added ability to remove a password-item association

+Adding customer type
+Added sorting by customer type
+Added filter by customer type

+Dedicated console creation

+Added additional controls in the edit section of dns records

+Added ability to associate a peer with an item

*New translations for main portal and customer portal
+Added user permissions for macro section (TIP, CLOUD, SALES and INTEGRATION)

2020/02/06 Sygma version 4.8

+ Added possibility to set up the branch office
+ Added filter for branch office
+ Added branch office in the activity list
+ Added ability to use the {branch-office} variable in the intervention report
+ Added view of the hour block status associated with the activity
* Enter additional information of the contact associated with the activity
* Ability to link the activity to approval by signing from the associated reference contact (through customer portal)

* Fix graphics
+ Tree structure added

Cloud Hosting
* Improved performance of the
section + Added new permission system for the
section + Updated the graphics
* Tab detail opening
* Translation of the section
+ Added "all" quick filter
+ Added ability to sort the table by Customer

* Various hotfixes
* Ability to directly open an associated item
Cloud Mail

+Dedicated console creation

+ Added, in settings, the selection of the default queue for tickets from SygmaConnect
+ Public API added for ticket opening
+ Added, in settings, api key configuration for public api
* Graphic changes for the Company, Area, Detail and Owner selectors

* possibility to open a ticket directly from the SygmaConnect client
* possibility to enable / disable ticket opening option directly from SygmaConnect client
* possibility to customize text for ticket opening directly from SygmaConnect client

Customer Portal
* translation of the customer portal into Italian has started
+ added ability to select the language of the customer user

2019/12/06 Sygma version 4.7

+ added copy of public link in activity
* possibility to mark an intervention as turnover
* modified link report activity to show only non-invoiced posts
* modified print activity report to show only non-invoiced interventions
* Public API for managing the activity report

+ new section
* Notifications enabled on Event management

* total makeover of the graphics
* reprogrammed internal processes structure
* improved the management of move document
* improved document creation management
+ added ability to rename a folder
+ F2, Del, Enter hot key inserted to Rename, Delete and Open files and documents
+ added cut and paste functionality

Cloud DNS
+ new management infrastructure
* graphic remake
* modified process management structure

* possibility to view videos of recorded sessions
+ settings section for managing settings


2019/09/25 Sygma version 4.6

+ enter detailed customer information
* improved performance
* automatic reloading of information upon addition of an intervention * possibility to modify the events without going to the Events section
* possibility to close tickets associated with the closure of an activity
* send activity report via email with request if also generate a ticket

+ added tag filter

* Ability to assign tags
+ added tag filter

Block Hour
* graphic makeover
* improved performance
+ added text filter
+ added filter by type of intervention
+ added "All" quick filter
+ added sorting by type
+ added "associated" field (hidden by default)

* graphic makeover
* improved performance
+ added text filter
+ added filter by type
+ added expiration filter
+ added "All" quick filter
+ added "Expired" quick filter
+ added tag filter

Cloud 1Backup
* group choice when creating a new agent

Cloud Stellar
* sending email notification for cancellation of too old Snapshots

* graphic makeover
* possibility to assign tags
+ added tag filter

* Public APIs for managing users and sessions

Remote Control
* merged TeamViewer and Sygma Connect in one section

* merged Stellar, Amazon EC2, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and OVH in one section

* merged 1Backup, Acronis and Mail Archive into one section

* merged mail and SMTP domains in one section

* merged Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive and Amazon S3 in one section

* merged Resources and Orders in one section and moved to the Cloud panel

* management of new SygmaConnect and API operators (with access only to SygmaConnect and public APIs respectively)
* generation of cloud orders independently
* Translations
* minor fixes

2019/07/17 Sygma version 4.5

Cloud Mail
* new graphics
introduced * opening tab detail of mail domains
* added text filter
* added filter for hostname
+ added hidden column (which can be activated) on the percentage share occupied in the mail domain list
* hidden chat column (can be activated) in the list of mail domains
* when the section is opened the mail domain list now starts and not the dashborard
* the type filter has been converted to a quick filter
+ added sorting by columns in mailing list
* improved opening speed of the mail domain list
* when adding the group, you can specify the main mail
* possibility to add tags
+ added filter by Tag

Cloud Backup
* new graphics
introduced * Tab to open the detail of the backup agent
* improved the opening speed of the agent list
* possibility to add tags
* added filter by Tag

* Fix on error while creating and modifying an intervention in activiy
* Fixed error given on deadline event creation
* Minor fixes

2019/06/01 Sygma version 4.4

* management of the open item detail tab and not full window

+ added search filter by Operator and Group in the TeamViewer Association table of the Activity detail
* TeamViewer Association table of the Activity detail sorted by creation date in descending order
* modified date and time entry fields in the modification and creation windows of the intervention
* removed end date in Events associated with Deadline type
* possibility to view the editable detail of an associated Event
* possibility to see in the list of associated events also those marked as facts
* modified opening of the associated Ticket, in a new browser tab directly from the ticket section and not from read-only mode
+ added filter by Tag in advanced filters

* the list has been divided into two tabs, Company and Contact
* possibility to cancel only single Tickets selected from the basket
+ added Tag adding function in detail Ticket
+ added function to export excel SLA Ticket counting
+ added option to exclude the Ticket from the SLA count

+ added Whitelabel management of the client layout

Cloud-Mail Kerio
* improved management for the creation of the user alias

+ new function added that allows you to change the number of visible elements in the table per page
+ nserted automatic filters per column in the exported excel
* Fix various

2019/04/11 Sygma version 4.3

+ added hidden columns on startup Hostname, Brand, Model, Location, Asset in Item list

+ new function to associate a tag with the Activity
+ in the list added info on SygmaConnect association
+ added possibility to associate tags with Activity
+ added filter for Item
+ added hidden columns at startup BillingTime, Description, Priority, Sub Area and WorkingTime in the Activity list
* complete remake of the graphic detail of the Activity

Activity Intervention
+ added hidden columns when starting Contract, Service, Description in the Intervention list
+ added filter for Item
+ in the list added info on SygmaConnect association

* improved management of hour blocks
* possibility to upgrade an hour block by inserting additional hour blocks
+ automatic system that allows you to create new hour blocks when inserting an Activity Intervention that exceeds the available hour block

+ added filter by operator, date, group and peer in the session list
+ 'Rated' option management added for sessions carried out
+ added new section for viewing session statistics
* export of sessions

2019/03/12 Sygma version 4.2

* improved search performance
+ SLA customized for Company
inserted + added Password menu in the menu bar on the left

* transformed some filters into quick filters (the search starts when the filter is changed)
+ pop-up with SLA data in progress for Ticket inserted

* improved search performance
* transformed some filters into quick filters (the search starts when the filter is changed)
* possibility to change the owner directly from the list
* if "no contract" is selected, the contract filter is disabled

* improved filter efficiency
+ date filter inserted

* improved search performance

+ inserted filter for Item

+ new Sygma Connect section added

+ (Kerio Connect): added Kerio Connect alias list view
* (Kerio Connect): possibility of creating alias Kerio Connect
* (Kerio Connect): possibility of erasing alias Kerio Connect
* (Kerio Connect): Kerio Connect group list display inserted
* (Kerio Connect): possibility of creating Kerio Connect group
* (Kerio Connect): possibility to delete Kerio Connect group
+ (Kerio Connect): added detail view of Kerio Connect group
* (Kerio Connect): possibility to add / remove user to the Kerio Connect group

+ insert tooltips on all fields of a table
* possibility to hide the columns of a table through a new menu (MANAGE TABLE). For now the function is not permanent, when the page is reopened the columns will be restored as by default
* translation of Sygma into ITALIAN started: from the administrative panel, user profile section, it is possible to change the language of Sygma. We started with the Company section, Tickets and a few menus, slowly we will do all the rest
* Various bugfixes

2019/02/02 Sygma version 4.1

* improved graphical management of the list
* enhanced the text search function
* automatic search when filters are filled in
* for the Tag field, in detail of the Customer, the pre-inserted Tag suggestions have been added

+ inserted missing tooltips
* automatic search to fill in the filters for Area, Priorty and Status
+ export function of ticket list
inserted + enhanced the text search function

* standardized the graphics of the list to that of the sections already redone
* opening of detail, which is no longer placed at the bottom with the screen divided in half but in a new window with tab management
* significantly improved research performance
* automatic search to fill in the Operator, Area, Status, Type and "Has Contract" filters
+ added contract filter
+ added quick filters All, Open and "My Activity"
+ added Description field in the export of the Intervention file

* standardized the graphics of the list to that of the sections already redone
* automatic search when filling in the Type and Done filters
+ added "To do", "All and My Event" quick filters
+ added filter for Activity

* improved graphical management of the list
* enhanced the text search function
* automatic search to fill in Category, Type and Deadline filters

* improved graphical management of the list
* enhanced the text search function
+ tooltip on Type
added * automatic search when filling in the "Other filter" filter
* changed storage destination management for backups
* possibility to view available / used resources and orders related to Sygmaconnect

+ added new Sygma Connect section

* it is no longer possible to delete an email box with pop3download connected

+ added ability to position yourself on a specific page of a table

+ added initial suggestion in all text fields
* improved all the select fields with the possibility to filter the suggested results
+ Reset button inserted in the filter by text
* bugfix

2019/01/08 Sygma version 4.0

+ added New button that allows you to create a new element of any type from any section
+ various fixes

* modified list graphics
* lightened table
* improved data recovery speed
+ added mouse scroll for list page navigation
+ added tooltip on customer name
* modified detail page display
* filters also accessible from the detail page

* modified list graphics
* lightened table
* data recovery speed significantly improved
+ added mouse scroll for list page navigation
+ tooltip
added + preview preview of the first post on mouse positioning on the subject
* modified detail page display
* improved management of search filters
+ added possibility to bring multiple tickets in inbox from the basket
* improved range data filter management in advanced filters
* Tab management of ticket opening
* possibility of multiple simultaneous opening of multiple tickets in the same window
* modified the multiple ticket selection logic
* change the status of the ticket directly from the list by clicking on
* change the operator responsible for the ticket directly from the list by clicking on
+ added button for multiple ticket cancellation
+ added function to select / deselect all tickets

+ added Contract and Service entries in the Export Intervention excel file
* fix on the indication of the tickets linked to the activity in the Excel Activity
excel file + inserted button for sending the activity report by opening a ticket containing a link to the report

* modified list graphics
* table modified
* improved data recovery speed
+ added mouse scroll for list page navigation
+ tooltip
added * improved management of search filters

* modified list graphics
+ operator column added to table
* improved data recovery speed
+ added mouse scroll for list page navigation
+ tooltip
added * modified detail view
* improved management of search filters
+ added search filter for Operator
+ added My Password quick search filter

* modified management of user permissions

Sygma App
* fix

2018/11/05 Sygma versione 3.2

+ Added Filters to the creation of the ticket
+ Add pulsate to copy public link

* Association of Agents to Items

* Authorfresh function (at 15-minute intervals) of the Dashboard
* Enable all modification options for the new version of Agent Backups

* Function to control the start and stop of the instances
* Change password of users of instances
* Change directory integration service password
* Change SMTP server settings
* Display of 'Recent results' directly from the instance profile (only the last 15 days) or from a dedicated section with time search filters
* Display of 'Recent processes' directly from the instance profile (only the last 15 days) or from a dedicated section with time search filters
* List of user privileges directly from the instance profile or from a dedicated section with an instance search filter

* Manual management of the video stream of the vm in the main tab of the machine (possibility of start and stop stream)

Sygma App
+ Added AboutUs section
+ Added ability to edit an activity
* Removed first unfiltered results in the sections: Customers, Items, Passwords
+ Added Agents section
* Fixed problems with filters in all sections
+ Added section Sensors in Agents
+ Added ability to reload information in agent detail
* Prepared the system to support notifications
* Various graphics fixes

+ Added filter for text and operator in the board list
+ Added filter for text and operator in activities on a board
* Improved visualization of activity on the board
+ Added possibility to create a private board
* Fixed some problems of incompatibility between browsers
+ Added ability to archive an activity
+ Added ability to archive a board
+ Added ability to view and hide the description of an activity
+ Added activity creation date
+ Added ability to view archived activities
+ Added dearchiviation of an activity
+ Addition of a board
* Various bugfixes

2018/06/06 Sygma version 3.1

Ticket System
* Ability to restrict access to certain code tickets only to specific operators

Board Scrum
* Improvements in scrum blackboards

* Jobs Timeline section with a global view of backup agents
* Job Check section with a global view of backup jobs
* Restore List section with a global view of backup restore

* VM cloning
* Events and alarms section

+ New item management interface

2018/03/21 Sygma version 3.0

Ticket System
* UI and UX changes
+ Added Ticket response template function
+ Added function of assigning access to the Ticket queues

Sygma Pass
* Improved extension for Chrome and Firefox
* Graphic improvements
* BugFix on the stability of the display size of the extension window
+ Adding of authorization regarding the authorization or not of password changes
* BugFix on the stability of the icon display in the URL field of the sites URLs
* Graphic and functional improvements of the "Create a new account" window and the "Back" button

Multi Cloud
+ AWS EC2 integration added
+ Added Google Cloud Engine integration
+ Digital Ocean Droplet integration added
+ Added OVH cloud Server integration

Acronis Cloud
+ Added integration to Acronis Cloud Backup

+ Added search function Jobs of restore
+ Added function of check and notes on restore jobs
* New version of the backup agent client
* Management of client download directly from the agent detail
+ Agent search filters, now you can change the warning threshold for space used by agents

Sygma Agent
+ Added Tasks tab running
+ Added Applications installed tab
+ Added Services tab
+ Added event log tab
+ Added tab Alerts
* Improved installer package for Windows
* Agent installation also with command line parameters
+ Added Sygma Support white label to allow the customer to open tickers directly from the agent
* Agent installation also with command line parameters

2017/12/11 Sygma version 2.9

Ticket System
* Graphic improvements
* Improvements function of forwarding the ticket with private association
* Management of the notices for the notes of a ticket
* Advanced filters with the possibility to automatically close the tickets
* Reporting
* Changing the view ticket with SLA icon

* Ability to correlate items with each other

Sygma Pass ntegration
+ Built Sygma integration with Sygma Pass plug for Chrome and Firefox

Customer Portal
* Ability to enable access to Stellar machines
* Possibility to enable access to 1Backup agents

* Management of sub-folders
* Improvement of the text editor

*Creating activity directly from Teamviewer connection list

* Name Server and MX records are indicated for each domain

* Sharing Backup Agents with users of their customers by choosing to write or read only (share)
* View and manage your 1Backup account directly from the Stellar cloud server section

* Deploy of VM Firewall type
* Sharing of VMs with users of their customer choosing whether to give access in writing or read only (share)
* Secure VM cancellation (multiple confirmation)
+ Indication of the network card (name and type of card) with indication of its status (connected or not connected) in the list of IP addresses of a VM
* Outbound firewall rules editing: possibility to add / remove IP in 'Destination' and to add / remove ports and services in 'Service'
* Network traffic graph of the Network (Inbound and Outbound)
* Network section with visualization of the Net List related to their VMs
* Network section displaying all firewall rules
* Network section with free and assigned public IP list
* Display of the Net List related to your machines
* Starting the server with a disconnected network card
* Floating IP - possibility to request a new public IP, to associate to the account without binding it to any vm, directly from the page of public IP in the Network section
* Disassociation of public IP addresses from the vm with automatic disabling of firewall rules
* Direct assignment of public IP addresses

2017/06/06 Sygma version 2.8

User Interface
* Graphical and usage improvements

* Associate Items between them
* Visualize info about the associated agent

+ An Agent can now create and associate Item

* Group Customers by tags

Mail Cloud
* Delete Kerio Connect mailboxes and accounts
* Delete SmarterMail mailboxes and accounts

Customer Portal
* Manage Kerio Connect and Smartermail mailboxes
* Manage DNS Zones
* Manage SMTP mailboxes
* Manage MailArchive instances

+ Customer management added
+ Item management added
+ Password management added
+ Document management added
+ Queue filter added in the Ticket section
+ Tickets deletion capability added

* When deploying a Linux machine, create default user credentials
* Edit Inbound and Outbound rules of the shared firewall in Stellar machines
* Visualize the state of VMs backups
* Visualize VMs backup schedule
* VMs backup test capability added

2017/01/10 Sygma versione 2.7

+ "Sales Area" added. Here you can control orders and resources related to Cloud services
+ "Order Association" feature added. Now you can associate email domains to orders
+ "Autonomous Trial Management" feature added
+ "Knowledge Base" section added

User Interface
* Improvements to graphics and user experience
+ Commercial activities area added
+ Cloud orders page added
+ Cloud resources usage page added

Mail Cloud
* Associate email domain to Cloud orders
* Autonomously create trial Cloud orders
* DNS configuration section with DKIM and SPF parameters

* Quick access to customers information
* Modify the state of differents orders at the same time
* Note editing feature added

* Creation data and latest modification shown on interventions

Mail Archive
* New dashboard

2016/12/13 Sygma version 2.6

* Sygma used resources page
* Purchased and utilized Cloud resources page
* Cloud orders page
* Link Cloud services to clients capability

+ New password management section
* Link passwords directly to customers
* Block password modification to admin users only
* Identification of the person who created the data with passwords
* Dropbox integration with attached documents management

* Delete attachments capability
+ ”MY TICKET” filter added to show only your own tickets

+ New section for SMTP mailboxes management
* List and visualization of SMTP mailboxes
* Modification of SMTP mailboxes feature

SSL Certificates
+ New SSL management session
* List and Viewing SSL Certificates

Amazon AWS EC2
* Integrate with AWS EC2 instances
* List and visualization of EC2 instances
* Start and stop EC2 instances

Amazon AWS S3
* Integrate with AWS S3 buckets
* Create new folders
* Upload files
* Download files

Google Drive
* Integrate with Google Drive
* Create new folders
* Upload files
* Download files

* Manage aliases of Kerio Connect domains
* Create POP3 mailboxes in Kerio Connect domains

+ New DNS management section
* DNS Zones list and visualization
* DNS Zones modification feature

Cloud MailArchive
+ New MailArchive management section
* MailArchive instances list and visualization

App Sygma
* Push notifications for new tickets creation and clients’ replies
+ Stellar machines management section added
+ 1Backup agents management section added

2016/09/20 Sygma version 2.5

* Graphics improvements
+ New dedicated interface for Cloud services management

* Template management improvement
* Types management improvement

+ Added the title to the activity

Cloud Section Email Management
+ New interface for the management of mail in the cloud
+ Summary dashboard
+ Ability to create domains and mailboxes Kerio Connect
+ Ability to edit boxes and domains Kerio Connect
+ Ability to create domains and Smartermail boxes
+ Ability to edit boxes and Smartermail domains

+ New Integration with Onedrive

* Improvement of the machines management

* Improvement of the graphic interface
+ Ability to create backup sets
+ Backup sets related to mysql database management
+ Ability to modify backup sets
+ Ability to delete backup sets
+ Added filters low / exhausted space and expired / expiring agents in agent search
+ Association dashboard alert to the detail page for space is low / exhausted and expired / expiring agents
+ Ability to enable / disable agent and change its deadline
+ Elimination backupset already eliminated but remained listed as historic

2016/08/01 App Sygma 1.2.1

Ticket Management
+ You can reply to support requests of your customers directly by the App while you are out of the office and have your own phone or tablet

Backup Monitoring
+ You can keep under control at all times the progress of backup, add notes, and, once verified, set the flag of checked

2016/07/18 Sygma version 2.4

+ password retrieval feature added
+ service templated feature added
+ expiry dates reports improved

+ link several domains to a client
+ link several email addresses to a contact
+ clients can now visualize their own tickets
+ clients can create tickets within the client portal

+ enable a ticket creation notification to the client
+ enable a ticket closure notification to the client
+ automated saving as drafts of ticket replies
+ create and reply to a ticket inserting multiple attachments
+ associate several tickets to a single activity
+ automatically assign a status to a ticket as the client replies
+ export the ticket list
+ move a ticket from a queue to another
+ ticket management interface improved
+ ticket configuration section improved

+ new section uniquely dedicated to expiry dates

+ export separately Activities and Interventions
+ tab with Timeline in agent section added
+ tab with last 15 days job check records in agent section added
* Imodify Lan password in Backupset settings (agent section, Backupset tab)
+ add/remove/modify 'Contact Info' voice (agent section, tab General)

+ tab in ifo page and VM commands with dates per trial/licensed period added (tab Info)
+ Network info tab in Resources page added
+ Expiry Dates info tab in Resources page added

Agent Windows
+ agent credential creation section added (Public/Private key)
+ run script files feature added
+ Agent version info added
+ last Windows logon info added
+ IP address info retrieval and addition in list feature added
+ gateway and DNS info retrieval feature added
+ download the agent from the side menu
+ delete Agent feature added
+ visualize Agent details in a tab within the list instead in a new page
+ run a scheduled command or script (associate it to several agents at the same time)
+ automated update of all agent modules
+ automated update of the conf file while maintaining the saved settings
+ Bugfix - install Agents on 32-bit systems too

+ Integration with DropBox

2016/05/06 Sygma version 2.3

+ Multi-queue management (several email accounts)
+ Creation of tickets states in addition to default ones
+ Tickets assignment alerts
+ New incoming email alerts
+ Let clients to review their tickets history with a special link (no need to login)
+ Customizable new ticket email alerts and ticket replies templates

Expiry dates management
+ New section solely dedicated to Expiry Dates management
+ Choose whether to renew or not an Expiry Date with a click directly from the page
+ Choose whether to renew or not an Expiry Date with a click directly from the report email
+ Send your clients Expiry Date reports and let them decide whether to renew or not an Expiry Date

* New dashboard
* Single backupset space is now specified
+ Used storage graph (per single user)
+ Number of backed up data graph (per single user)
+ Backup start option
* Backup Verification and Check system to ease backup management now implemented
+ Web restore capability added
+ Backupset deletion added

* New dashboard
+ Estimate of total Teamviewer sessions

* New dashboard
* Revised graphics
+ Autonomous management of CPU, RAM and Disk resources per single server
+ Console access to servers
+ Audit of all operations performed via console
+ Automated snapshots feature added
+ Information about available snapshots added to the dashboard
+ Resource section added

2016/02/10 Sygma version 2.2

Sygma Core
+ Import Item from CSV file
+ Schedule Expiry Dates reports sendings
+ Sending feedback option added

Clients portal
+ Item, documents and contracts can now be shared with the client

+ Backup set management
+ CSV export of agent lists
+ CSV export of job outcomes

+ Comments visualization added
+ Option to force connections synchronization
* Connections filter enhanced

Documents management
* New interface

2015/12/15 Sygma version 2.1

Sygma Core
+ Import client lists from a CSV file

+ Login tracking and notification via email
+ Data adding and modification is now tracked

+ Integration with Teamviewer
+ Integration with Kayako

Clients portal
+ Email notification if a client creates an activity

2015/09/18 Sygma version 2

Sygma Core
* Web restyling for Mobile compatibility
+ Encrypted Password Management added

* Improved research system

Activity / Ticket
* Improved ticket navigation
* Tab system implemented

+ Integration with Cloud Stellar added
+ Integration with Teamviewer added

* Improved documents management
* Improved folders management and navigation

+ Beta Sygma Monitoring App for Apple IOS devices
+ Beta Sygma Monitoring App for Android devices
+ Beta Sygma Monitoring App for Windows devices
+ Beta Sygma Monitoring App for Linux devices

2014/06/23 Sygma version 1.7

Sygma Core
* Improved performances
* Various Bug fixed

+ Full text research implemented

Activity / Ticket
+ Ticket Management becomes Activity
* Multiple interventions Tickets improved

+ Documents Management added
+ Documents creation feature added

+ Service management added
* Deadlines management

+ 1Backup integration added
+ Teamviewer integration added
+ VMware integration added

2013/02/30 Sygma version 1.3

Sygma Core
* Improved performances
* Various Bugs fixed

* Customers management upgraded

+ Template management added
* Various Bugs fixed

* Item management upgraded
* Various Bugs fixed

+ Work Time field added
+ SLA added
* Various Bugs fixed

+ Kerio Connect integration added
+ Kerio Control integration added
+ Kerio Operator integration added

+ Encrypted password management added

2012/11/07 Sygma version 1

Sygma Core
+ Multi-level platform added
* Complete re-engineered Database
* Improved performances
* Various Bugs fixed

* Web Restyling

* Clients management upgraded
* Various Bugs fixed

* Item management upgraded
* Various Bugs fixed

2008/06/10 Help Desk v3

+ Integration with Help Desk v2 and Asset and Network Manager

2007/12/03 Asset and Network Manager

+ First version of the adding of the IT assets divide per client
+ Network, networking devices and firewall management

2005/03/21 Help Desk v2

* New revised version with client access to ticket report
* Improved reporting

2003/10/28 Help Desk v1

+ First version of the ticket tracking system