Sygma Keep Control

Sygma • Keep Control

The cloud solution you use to organize, manage, speed up and measure you work.
With Sygma you can improve efficiency, save time and offer a better service.
It integrates with the Cloud allowing for unlimited solutions, simplifying you work!


Organize Sygma

Organize and keep control of your work with full efficiency


Efficiency Sygma

Make your work and your Team's Efficient with an integrated tool


Opportunity Sygma

Keep control of your opportunities, manage contracts, services and licences deadlines


Measure Sygma

Track all the elements of your work: who, what, when and how. Keep SLAs under control


Automazione Sygma

Tools and features that automate jobs and activities

Why Sygma


pre-configured sygma

Use it in just a few minutes


easy sygma

Easier that the other traditional systems


affordable sygma

Contained and really affordable price

With Sygma you have all the features that you need for your work and you can finally substitute software and systems that don't integrate, inadequate and cumbersome to use.

You don't need no more Excel files to find IP addresses, passwords or remember a deadline of a licence.
Bid farewell to an archive of separate files where you store documentation, procedures, projects, pictures, network schemes, lists and other information.

Now you can organize everything inside Sygma. Forget expensive solutions for your ticket system
With Sygma you can log the Activities with a tool way better than tickets and even easier to use.

Improve your Team's productivity with Sygma

Everything you need to work, wherever you are!

Why Sygma Who is it for

Features Overview

Here you are just a few features of Sygma!

Integration overview

We have choose to integrate the IT leading technologies to allow you to safeguard your investments and widen your working opportunities with Sygma.
We are at your to implement new integrations!

Take full advantage of the VMware vCenter infrastructures from a single console
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Remote control of computers straight from the Sygma console
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Take advantage of the power of Kerio Connect, Kerio Control and Kerio Operator while keeping control
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Multiplatform Cloud Backup with centralised management console
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Cloud Server for production environments. Guaranteed resources and performances
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Add tickets received and managed within Kayako in your Sygma Activities
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Inserisci in Sygma i tuoi file e cartelle di DropBox
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